Today was a big day for my little one. The morning was very constructive for him. The morning activities consisted of rolling on the couch, jumping on the couch, falling off the couch. Playing with string, running with sting, tying the bathroom door to the laundry room door with string. Putting scotch tape on the cabinets in the kitchen, on his mouth, and obviously the floor. As I said, VERY interesting activities. I often wonder why I put so much effort in getting him great gifts, when a ball of yarn is all he truly plays with. Once my 4 year old cat got bored; saying “NO!” was his next educational activity. I think his Middle name should be "No".

“Hey can you clean up your toys?- No! "Hey let’s go brush our teeth!"-No! , "Hey can you please stop playing with your food?"-No! "Can you please let me pee inpeace?"-No!

Just breathe… I tell myself.  “Fine, then you are NOT ALLOWEDDDD TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH! IT IS FORBIDDEN!” He looks at me and replies, “oh okay , I will brush my teeth…” I shake my head, happy I won this battle. 

Once teeth brushed, t-shirt put on again right side out, andI finished explainingto him why he cannot drive the car, we were off to the grocery store and to the parc. The parc was great, He was laughing and yelling on the swings, “it tickles my penis!” With other families around, Iwas not att all embarrassed!

We climbed the BIG DINOSAUR! He climbed the rock clibing wall, went down the slides and tried the swing that turns your around until you are completely dizzy. Time flies ! I checked what time it was, almost 1 pm!

Negotiation took place once more because he did not want to go back home. I mean who would want to go back home when you can play on a BIG DINOSAUR AND YELL AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS ON A SWING!

He just let himself fall on the swing seat, legs dangling in the mud, and him whining “I don’t wannnt toooo goooo”

Trying hard not to laugh at how funny he looked, I tried to sound empathetic, because this was a real BIG problem! As he dangled from the swing like a cooked noodle, I started walking away, hoping this trick would work. We turned it into a game, he had to chase me. So, I started running, with my big belly and pregnant boobs. Never been so uncomfortable. He chased me, laughing until we got to the gate. And he then decided that this game was not fun anymore and no way was he falling for my trick. ROOKIE MISTAKE! He was like , " I aint going outside that gate! Im staying here at the park for the rest of my life!"

He watched me walk the other side of the fence, and realized I was not

kidding, I really was going to the car. So, with all his power,HE decided that HE WOULD SHUT THE PARC’S GATE DOOR!

Its only 1 pm… I think to myself. I just want to eat and nap! Why cant this child nap too sometimes??

On our way home, my step son complained of not having enough air and having a sore throat. He turned down his passenger window. When I turned around to look at him, he had puked in the car.! Vomit everywhere on him ! He puked once more.! Mental note to myself: even if he says he likes to turn on that metal swing…. Do

not let him do it that for THAT long. He looked at me, eyes wide open filled with fear. He cried not understanding what was happening: memories of his 4 years of life flashing before his eyes. “Everything is going to be okay!” I tell him. Racing the car through the streets, a war veteran in the backseat holding on to his dear life,

“hang in there !!!” So that happened!

At the end of my day, I cannot believe how tired I am. Raising children is hard. Its funny that

being a parent is about sacrificing your time, money and energy all for a

little human being. When you think about it our live revolves around our children and more often than not, we tend to

forget what life was before them. As little as they may be, man do they drain all the energy out of you! And then , the next day we start all over again!

Enjoy the little moments. Even in the moments you just want to scream at the top of your lungs and you wonder, “Why the hell

did I want kids ??” laugh them off because when you think back to these moments, they are quite funny.

-Jayanna Pleau


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